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Dream Lenses are an easy, comfortable and safe way to change your lifestyle
They give you sharper vision all day without the need for spectacles and contact lenses. This revolutionary procedure can prevent and control short-sightedness (myopia), and correct astigmatism, long-sightedness and reading difficulties. Dream Lenses maybe used for children aged from seven years and upwards and for adults of all ages. No surgery, No Fuss.
Assess your eligibility
We assess your eligibility during a routine eye exam - this is covered by Medicare.
Map and Design
We measure and map the eye surface using the latest technology and then design the appropriate lenses to give you clear vision. Theses lenses are made from the latest super oxygen permeable materials and are custom made to your requirements in the United States.
Works while you sleep
Simply pop in the contact lenses at bedtime and the surface of your cornea is progressively changed while you sleep.3
Clear vision when you wake
You’ll be free of glasses or contact lenses during waking hours. No surgery, no fuss.
Principal optometrist Tibor Weisz (Bachelor of Optometry, UNSW) has more than 40 years experience as a qualified practitioner. He has successfully treated thousands of patients and is a member of the Optometrists Association of Australia, the Cornea & Contacts Lens Society of Australia and a former member of the OrthoKeratology Society of Oceania. He remains committed to continuing professional development and bringing the best technologies to aid patient vision.
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